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. • ♦ ★ SLOTH COMMISSIONS ★ ♦ • .

No, not “sloth” as in “these will take so long they will grow algae and move a speedy 1ft. per minute.”

In fact, these are quick sketches and such to help me earn money for my beau to come and visit me this summer! Extra money goes to my school funds or therapy.

Basically: Fast drawings for a good purpose and they’re going to be pretty cheap!

Win-win, right? And no algae involved. Even better.

… … . . … … . . … … . . … … . .

. • ♦ RATES…

Bust : 5$

  • basic sketch: just lines, no colour. Base price.
  • flat colours: + 2$
  • no additional characters may be added.

★ Chibi : 7$

  • basic sketch: just lines, no colour. Base price.
  • flat colours: + 4$
  • waist up: 5$
  • additional characters: + 5$ each (+ 3$ for waist up)
  • example of style

★ Waist Up: 10$

  • basic sketch: just lines, no colour. Base price.
  • flat colours: + 7$
  • additional characters: + 8$ each

★ Full Body : 15$

  • basic sketch: just lines, no colour. Base price.
  • flat colours: + 10$
  • additional characters: + 11$ each

☆ For more examples, please see my tumblr or my deviantArt!

☆ I can do a plain or patterned background on flat colour commissions, no charge. No detailed BGs.

 On any basic sketch, I can colour one thing (e.g., eyes) if requested. Or, I can also do coloured lines; just ask. Both are no additional charge.

 Simple, quick shading may be added if desired. Please discuss this with me as it would cost a little extra!

… … . . … … . . … … . . … … . .

. • ♦ I’LL DRAW…

  • any age, any gender
  • fan art
  • original/fan characters
  • animals
  • blood/gore

. • ♦ I WON’T DRAW…

  • NSFW/sexual situations
  • Mecha

… … . . … … . . … … . . … … . .


☆ Send me an e-mail ( or fan mail/ask to inquire about a commission.

  • When sending an e-mail, please title it Commission and give me your tumblr URL.
  • If you would prefer to not have the commission posted, tell me in advance.
  • If you are requesting an OC(s), supply me with sufficient references. I will not accept descriptions.
  • It’s not necessary, but giving me a pose (or general idea) when applicable helps in my creative process.

☆ I request payment upfront, by paypal only, before I begin to work on your commission.

  • Please do not send money until I give the OK.
  • Also, tips are greatly appreciated and welcomed! But, of course don’t feel pressured to do so, as I will not expect it

☆ Prices are fairly negotiable. I’m willing to accommodate to the best of my abilities!

I reserve the right to refuse any commission(s), for any reason (given or not). Please respect this.

Any signal boosting/reblogging to get the word out would be appreciated.

Thank you!

… … . . … … . . … … . . … … . .

. • ♦ SLOTS…

  1. [ open ]
  2. [ open ]
  3. [ open ]


I’m also willing to draw alpaca-versions of characters under the price of a chibi (or lower, depending on detail), design adoptables/characters for you for any plotline (pricing vary), or draw in an Okami-esque style.

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So why did I build my $800 gaming PC again?

This will probably also end up being me when I finish getting my $800 gaming PC done with. XD

GDI I haven’t played RCT in soo sooo long.

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Request from abelmontinthecastle: Trevorcard spooked by either Zobek or GDrac and flips up to the ceiling like a cat using his sharp claws. 

Zobek’s a jerk. Hahahaha.

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In preparation for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct…

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Random sketches because I was in the mood.

Characters belong to their owners.
Conrad - Royce - Emidya - Belle & Tammy are mine.

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How about #12 with Lyra. And good luck getting back into the swing of things, I know how it is with trying to get back into drawing as well. ^^
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12. Hanging out with a friend


the only thing worse than a gossip-loving friend is a friend that gets all the details streaming and on-demand, and unfortunately she doesn’t know well enough that she shouldn’t prod people about … certain details.


thanks tails~~ //hugs

Haha, I love how that looks. Your style is really lovely as well.

I wish back in the group we had a chance to RP something like that, sadly we never got the RP much really back then. *looks over at that double date that would have been fun too*

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Your dragon hoard would be Video Games. Anything else is a lie.
vampynopantsu asked

I swear right now I have a hoard of video games. XD

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if i was a dragon, tell me in my ask box what you think i would hoard as my treasure :-0

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Excuse the crappy pics taken with my 3DS, but LOOKIE WHAT JUST CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY.   : D